Who We Are

CMHDC is a non-profit housing development corporation serving the Chicago metropolitan area.




A 30-year old organization, CMHDC’s efforts concentrate in the retention of affordable housing, especially in those communities where there is a shortage of affordable housing.  As part of our commitment to serve low and moderate income families, we recently created a separate entity, CMHDC Development Services, to serve Chicago’s suburbs.

Our portfolio of properties includes single homes, and multifamily buildings ranging from 6 units to over 50 units.  The majority of our buildings have a mix of one, two and three bedroom apartments.   We identify and acquire properties we consider diamonds-in-the-rough and improve them until they shine. Then we offer them as affordable housing to current and new residents, and enhance them with exceptional building management. Because of this approach, our buildings are welcomed by, and integrated completely into, the communities that are home to our tenants. This is the result of our efforts to ensure that our properties are maintained as good as, or better, than our market rate neighbors.  Our progress has been steady and strong. We have invested more than $50 million to acquire and redevelop over 725 units over the last few years, and we have more projects in our sights.

Our vision for the future includes acquiring more of Chicago’s great older buildings, as well as investing in new construction. We became an active player addressing the foreclosure crisis affecting the region.  We partnered with key stakeholders to help stabilize communities affected by foreclosures and declining home values.  Our partnership with Cook County has led to the revitalization of many single homes in Chicago’s south suburbs, and we will continue exploring new opportunities throughout the metropolitan area.

Our developments sponsored by the City of Chicago and the Illinois Housing Development Authority are a reflection of our capacity and commitment to provide housing opportunities for lower and middle  income families. We have invested wisely and will continue to do so. We have proven we are a good risk. Our tenants, our neighbors and our business partners agree that we have changed people’s lives and helped turn neighborhoods around.

We continuously seek new partners to help us expand our efforts to preserve and create affordable housing opportunities in the region’s ever-changing communities. We invite you to join us. Together, let us continue to build a better Chicago Region for everyone.

Rosanna A. Marquez

Rosanna A. Marquez,
Board President

Rafael Leon

Rafael Leon,
Executive Director












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