CMHDC was created in 1982 to help finance the construction and rehabilitation of apartments for Chicago’s low-income residents. In 1994, new leadership prompted a redefinition as a 501(c)3 nonprofit affordable housing developer with a mission to preserve and develop affordable housing.  We have become  a reliable business partner and a responsible building owner that cares about the quality of life of Chicago’s residents. We  take on projects that further our mission. We always challenge ourselves with one question: How can we use this building or this new development to help improve this neighborhood? We focus tightly on rapidly-changing neighborhoods. We take on buildings we consider diamonds-in-the-rough and improve them until they shine. Then we offer them as affordable housing to current and new residents, and enhance them with exceptional building management. Because of this approach, our buildings are welcomed by, and integrated completely into, the communities that are home to our tenants. Our progress has been steady and strong. We have invested more than $50 million to acquire and redevelop over 700 units over the last few years, and we have more projects in our sights.  Our commitment is to continue providing quality affordable housing throughout the metropolitan area.

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